My Story

I joined Scentsy in March 2010 and I had no how amazing the journey I was about to begin was going to be! I never had experience with direct sales before and I am definitely no sales person, so I was a little nervous in the beginning and wondered if being a Scentsy Consultant would work out for me.
But, Scentsy opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities and I discovered a side of myself that I did not know was there! By the end of April 2010 (ONLY one month after I joined!);I had already promoted 2 levels in Scentsy and had 3 members on my team! I then realized how EASY and FUN being a Scentsy Consultant was, but still, little did I know what was in store for me! I set goals for myself and never lost sight of them. Month after month my business started to grow and I began to grow in confidence knowing what an amazing company I was working for. With the love and support of my husband, family, amazing Director and team and customers I promoted to Director with Scentsy in October 2012 (just a little over 2 years after joining!)! I enjoy watching my team grow and see others have a passion for Scentsy as I do. The Scentsy opportunity is perfect for anyone. Scentsy is simple to sell, easy to use, and delightful to come home to.I love how Scentsy products make it so easy so for consultants to succeed because the products literally sells themselves! You notice something different about Scentsy the first time you smell it - it's simple! An elegant ceramic warmer, a highly fragrant scent bar, and with a simple flick of a switch, your room is filled with one of Scentsy's scentsational unique fragrances Scentsy wickless candles are the safer/cleaner alternative to regular jar candles. Scentsy is an unique candle warmer system that is a decorative, clean, and safe alternative to the traditional candle. Scentsy uses a low wattage light bulb to slowly melt the highly scented wax to just over body temperature in a dish. This maximizes the life and strength of the scent and eliminates a flame, soot, wick, smoke, lead and fear of burns. Your house, children and pets are completely safe from the harmful effects associated with traditional candles with Scentsy warmers. In addition to safety, Scentsy's unique warmers offer a clean, efficient, and safe way to enjoy your favorite scents. Unlike a traditional candle the wax does not evaporate, so you never have to worry about soot getting on your walls, lamp shades, furniture...etc. An added bonus is you are never left with the & just blew out your candle smell in your house. The scent just slowly fades away until the next time you turn on your warmer.Sc philosophy of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity has made us one of the fastest growing companies the direct selling industry has ever seen. And we just keep growing! At Scentsy, we don’t just recruit Consultants, we sponsor, support, and mentor them. We are a FAMILY! If you choose to join my team, I’d be your personal Sponsor, helping you every step of the way as you launch your new business. I am so glad and considered myself belssed that I decided to become a Scentsy Independent Consultant and I would love to share the business opportunity with you.