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Your Consultant is Dawn Edmondson

My Story

I married my soul mate & the love of my life in August 2008 & we have 2 wonderful, but very active kids ages 10 (Jemma) and 6 (Colton).

I have always been a huge fan of Scentsy because of the quality/variety of the products, the amazing scents  Scentsy had to offer, and most importantly the safety of our products!
I joined Scentsy in March 2010 and I had NO CLUE what Direct Sales was and I had NO intentions what-so-ever to do anything with this besides get a discount for the Scentsy products I bought for myself. Period! Like, seriously all I knew is that Scentsy smelled amazing and I wanted nothing more than a discount! That’s it! LOL

I legit never had experience with direct sales before (I had no clue what direct sales even meant), I definitely was no sales person (& still am not) & I was a new mom, new wife and had a very demanding job at the time… ALL I wanted was to support my Scentsy addiction.

BUT, (there’s always a BUT and a Plot Twist in every good story, right!?!) God had other plans for me & used Scentsy as the vessel to open up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities and I discovered a side of myself that I did not know was there!
By the end of April 2010 (ONLY one month after I joined!);I had already promoted 2 levels in Scentsy and had 3 of my friends on my team!
I started sharing my passion and excitement for Scentsy more and more with family and friends. I started to set goals for my business and never lost sight of them. Month after month my business started to grow and I began to grow in confidence knowing what an amazing company I was working for. 
By the end of my 70th day as a consultant I had earned Scentsational Start Level 3, (Scentsational Start is a new consultant incentive that Scentsy gives all new consultants a chance to earn), which is the HIGHEST LEVEL you can earn and I had a team of about 12 people……all this happened just from me SHARING products that I LOVED!

With the love and support of my husband, family, team and customers I promoted to Director with Scentsy in October 2012 (just a little over 2 years after joining!)!
I enjoy watching everyone on my team grow in self confidence and as a person, accomplish their goals and watch their lives change through this business opportunity.

You see, we ALL start out as a consultant because we have a passion for Scentsy, but it ends up taking us on this amazing journey of self growth, finding our worthiness & purpose and the friendships and bonds that are made with other team members and customers along the way is indescribable!

The Scentsy opportunity is perfect for anyone.
On my Scentsy team, we don’t just recruit Consultants, we SPONSOR, SUPPORT, and MENTOR every single person that joins. We are a FAMILY and there’s room at the top for everyone!

If you choose to join my team, I’d be your personal Sponsor, helping you every step of the way as you launch your new business.

I considered myself blessed that I decided to join this amazing company for the “discount” 9 years ago and I would love to share the business opportunity with you.